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Husk furnace LTG is a product of BUIVANNGO MACHINERY. It is used to provide heat for grain dryer.

Warranty period: 1 year. We have technical teams to consult and install the products at site.


Introduction Husk furnace LTG:

The LTG Husk-Furnace mainly uses husk to burn to indirectly supply heat for agricultural-product dryers.

The furnace is in the shape of vertical cylinder. Its cover is made of steel which is designed to prevent heat from escaping. Inside the furnace is built with fireproof-bricks.


Husk is contained in an inlet funnel and uninterruptedly supplied to the furnace according to a suitable flow by a blower, husk is blown into the furnace spirally downwards and burned in a state of hover. A fan supplies oxygen to the middle, and the bottom of the furnace. An ash discharging section is attached to the bottom of furnace, ash is moved out of furnace by a screw conveyor to a container. The husk-furnace is designed for flame adjustable depending on the receipt of the volume of heat. There are many models of furnace suitable for various capacity.

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