Product Detail



There are two kinds of paddy separator:

  • BG is used to separate paddy mixed in brown rice, which is used in the rice milling line. This kind of machine does not have a minor tray.
  • BGM is used to separate paddy mixed in polished white-rice. This kind of machine has a minor tray.

The machine has a sensor for inlet material and a speed controller.

The utility of the minor tray:
It is used to separate the eliminated-paddy once again in order to reduce the rate of rice mixed in the eliminated-paddy.

According to the arrangement of the equipment in rice milling plant, paddy separator is designed for two types: one taking finished rice from the right [BG-R/BGM-R], and one from the left [BG-L/BGM-L].

Single paddy separator must be installed on the firm ground to avoid the vibration lowering paddy-separation efficiency.
Double paddy separator can be installed on either the ground or the upper floor.


  • For (BG) : To gain the above-mentioned capacity, the rate of paddy mixed in brown rice should not exceed 10% and the moisture should not exceed 15%.
  • For (BGM) : To gain the above-mentioned capacity, the maximum rate of 75 paddy grains per kilogram mixed in polished rice, and the moisture less than 15% will produce finished rice whose rate of paddy is less than 15 paddy grains per kilogram.


  • The tray is made of stainless steel with vertically triangle-shaped waves; bran cannot stick on trays during operation.
  • High paddy-separation efficiency, paddy can be separated from the mixture in high moisture.
  • The machine will automatically stop when short of material (to avoid the increase of paddy running over the finished rice).
  • Working quickly in manual condition at the last stage of each batch.